Time never slows down…

It’s been one month since I closed my office.
But given that Christmas and New Year’s Holidays were just starting as I was ending my operations, I never really felt any change. I was busy with the Holiday preparations. Something that I haven’t experienced in more than a decade.

Holiday period for me always coincided with the busiest time in production (in my line of work). It was one of the most stressful stretch of my calendar year. While everyone was planning their family dinners and gift exchange ideas, I was sweating my worries and solving problems during my many consecutive sleepless nights. To a business owner, vacation days are none productive days. They are days that pass without finalizing projets, without checking tasks off the long to do lists. Vacation time is dreadful!
A small business owner has no choice but to slowly becoming Mr. Scrooge. It is shameful, but deadlines dictate our thoughts, our behavior and our emotions. Everyone that slows the process to those deadlines becomes annoying, selfish and unsympathetic. And to top all that vacation dilemma, is the Christmas party planning that employees look forward to. Employers on the other hand do not! It is an insignificant, time consuming expense that forces us out of our worry bubble when all we want to do is worry!

So that used to be my dreaded Wonderful time of the year. But this year it was different! I had time to shop for Christmas gifts, to prepare deserts, meals, meet with friends, have coffees with family members, ENJOY!! The week between Christmas and New Year I spent lounging with my husband at home, binging on Netfilx shows, in our P.Js!! Worry Free!!! How cool was that? It was Bliss!

So being at home this week really marks the first week out of the office while everyone else is back to work. I must admit that, even though I had some business related work to do for a few hours this week, I felt a sense of freedom for the first time. I found myself smiling alone in my car on my way to running errands knowing that I did not have to rush back to the office.

What was more striking about this week, is that I realized that the day still went by as quickly as when I was sweating bullets at the office. Not a moment of boredom! Whether we are busy doing something, or busy doing nothing, time never slows down, the clock keeps ticking, and the days keep rolling!


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